Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Viewing Kittens is good for the Heart and Soul!

My birthday was yesterday, June 20, mid-summer's eve. I thought you'd enjoy seeing a birthday present I gave myself.  This little cutie picked her own name! I was cuddling her, and just spontaneously asked her, "Which name would you like? Tap my nose if you want to be Luna Lovegood." (for her wacky markings, gentle ways of interaction and smarts). Nothing. "How 'bout Bindi?" (for her orange forehead bindi mark)" Bingo! Soft tap on my nose with her claws in!  (I said she was smart!) So Bindi it is. She's chasing a little ball around inside the bathtub as I type.  Silver Bodhi was at first appalled, now he's fascinated by her exuberance!

Bindi at 6 weeks

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