Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Angels come in All Sizes and Different Flavors

Sometimes the Angels send us an angel like Jackie Evancho who opens her mouth and heaven pours out.  Other times they send us a powerhouse who reminds us that strength and sensitivity can come in all sizes...

I especially enjoy media platforms like America's Got Talent when they showcase performances and people that enchant, uplift and inspire.

Anna Graceman is an amazing eleven year old.   I'm reminded of Menolly, heroine of Anne McCaffrey's young adult novel*Dragonsong, though we first meet Menolly when she is 15, and both Anna's parents are clearly supportive and nurturing, the opposite of Menolly's dismissive parents. Both girls, the live one and the fictional one, shine with musicality and have a talent for writing and composing that can't be denied.

Eleven years of age has become a magical milestone; world wide, those turning eleven wait and hope for an owl bringing them a letter inviting them to Hogwarts.  Anna is creating her own path to renown.

Enjoy Anna!

An original song by Anna: "Lexi's Lullaby"

*Dragonsong was one of the books cited when McCaffrey's "lifetime contribution in writing for teens" made her the 1999 recipient of the Margaret A. Edwards Award --- Wikipedia

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